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On a Journey to Create More Inclusive Workplaces

By Yeşim Tırpan, Junior Sustainability Consultant 


Back to The Basics: The Difference Between Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Diversity: It refers to who is represented in the workforce and it includes gender diversityage diversityethnic diversity, and much more.

Equity: It refers to the fair treatment of all people. The concept differs from equality, as the latter assumes that all people should be treated the same way. On the other hand, equity implies the consideration of one’s circumstances to ensure the achievement of a fair and equal outcome.

Inclusion: It refers to the creation of a workplace where all employees feel heard and appreciated for the true version of themself.


Facts & Figures


Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are an integral part of the sustainability journey of organisations.

Yet, data from EcoVadis shows that:

  • over 60% of rated companies do not have comprehensive policies, actions, and reporting concerning the topic of DEI;
  • Smaller companies struggle more with DEI compared to larger organisations. According to EcoVadis, only 20% of large-rated companies have no to little practice with DEI. This number grows to 60 – 70% when it comes to small and medium-sized organisations.
  • Despite 87% of rated companies claiming to address the topic and setting targets around DEI, only 35% of them implemented concrete actions to promote DEI in the workplace.



DEI At Nexio Projects: “The Women of Nexio”


Nexio Projects actively advocates for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Diversity among our team members improves decision-making, bringing different perspectives and possible solutions to our attention. This is why we embrace a diverse workforce, to understand the needs of our customers and increase our specialism.

We believe that enhancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace improves work quality and fosters creativity.

We’ve been a diverse team since the very beginning of Nexio Projects so we had to make sure to have the right policies in place and the right procedures, to be a very diverse and especially inclusive workplace.

The numbers don’t lie. We have over 20 nationalities, as well as an equal gender balance, being our team composed of 53% women, of whom one is in an executive position.

We promote women’s inclusivity in the workplace through our Women of Nexio Projects initiative, established in 2021.


Women of Nexio


Women in our company organise quarterly seminars and workshops addressing issues pertinent to gender-based discrimination and equality. In 2022, topics included “Women’s Health in the Workplace”, “Resilience”, and “Solidarity”.

In the latest session we hosted in August, we had the pleasure of welcoming Celine Brus from Het Vrouwenverbond, an alliance meant to connect women, celebrate being female and grow together by sharing challenges and experiences.

The initiative is run by women, for women, being defined as anyone who identifies with these topics. Through events such as retreats, inspirational dinners, and workshops on Leadership, Creativity, and Health, Het Vrouwenverbond creates a safe space for women to “share and inspire each other”.

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