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Code of Conduct

At Nexio Projects, we are committed to foster an environment that promotes diversity, fair treatment, and respect for others. Employees are expected to treat one another, clients and partners in an honest and respectful manner.


If you have any questions about the way we work or our code of conduct, please contact us at

Diversity and Inclusion

Each of us must respect the diversity, talents and abilities of others. We define “diversity” as the unique traits/characteristics of every individual such as personality, ethnicity, work experience, age, religion, gender or other differences.

Human Rights

Always be alert to any possible human rights violation. Our Values, Code and implication in Corporate Social Responsibility support the principles contained in United Nation’s International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labor Organisation Fundamental Principles and Labor Standards. We operate under the policies that:

  • Promote a workplace free of discrimination and harassment;
  • Prohibit child labor, forced labor and human trafficking;
  • Provide fair and equitable wages, benefits and other conditions of employment in accordance with local laws;
  • Provide humane and safe working conditions;
  • Recognise employees’ right to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

We expect our partners and clients to uphold these principles as well as mentioned in our general terms and conditions.


You should never discriminate or deny equal opportunity. At Nexio we do not tolerate any signs of discrimination at the workplace regarding race, color, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability or any other legally protected status.

Health and Safety

No matter where you are during your work, you are expected to put your safety first. We are committed to assure the health and safety of all our employees, visitors, partners and communities. Please make sure you work safely, whether at our offices or on the roadways. Ethics in Our Business Activities Our Code requires each of us to make ethical business decisions and to avoid conflicts of interest such as corruption and bribery. Our commitment to integrity extends to all of our business relationships and all our partnerships.


You must comply with all anti-bribery laws. The bribery law states that no employee should ever offer, directly or indirectly, any form of gift, entertainment to:

  • Obtain or retain business;
  • Influence business decisions;
  • Secure an unfair advantage.

These prohibitions apply to our business operations and to anyone acting on behalf of Nexio. All payments and gifts to, and entertainment of, customers must be pre-approved by management. These payments should be well recorded in our books and records. Additionally, business gifts must be lawful, authorized and appropriate.


Your business decisions should never be influenced by corruption. Corrupt activities with customers, government officials, or other third parties are strictly prohibited. In other words, corruption is an attempt to obtain a personal benefit or business advantage though improper or illegal activities. The following activities relate to corruption and are prohibited: bribery, extortion, kickbacks. We expect our partners and clients to uphold these principles as well as mentioned in our general terms and conditions.


You should never compromise honesty and integrity by committing fraud. You commit fraud when you intentionally conceal, alter, falsify or omit information for your benefit or the benefit of others.


You must protect the confidential information of our company and our business partners. During your business relationship with Nexio, you may acquire confidential information about Nexio, our employees, our partners, our customers or third parties. You should always assume that company information is confidential or competitively sensitive unless you have been given clearance by the management to share that information with anyone. Always take reasonable and necessary precautions to protect the confidential information. Integrity in Our Marketplace We should treat all those in the marketplace with whom we come into contact with fairness and integrity. This includes our customers, our partners, the communities we serve as well as our competitors. We have the obligation to comply with all applicable laws wherever we do business.