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At Nexio Projects, we find strength in our differences and fortitude in our diversity. We are an inclusive and relatively young team where everyone has a say and everyone’s ideas are valuable.  

We believe this type of horizontal structure is one of our main strengths because it creates an environment in which each individual is able to reach his or her highest potential. Because of this, we continuously look for enthusiastic intrapreneurs who can do things seriously without taking themselves too seriously. People who are committed to transforming companies and the world for the better. 

We are a truly international team and very proud of it! Nexio Projects brings together talented professionals from The Netherlands, India, Belgium, Burundi, France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Africa, China and the USA. 

Does this describe you and the work you want to do? 

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Current openings

Climate analyst traineeship

The Climate Team is responsible for developing impactful Corporate Climate Strategies for clients in a wide range of industries. As a Climate Change Analyst Trainee, you will report to the Manager of the Climate Team within Nexio Projects who manages several climate-related projects for various clients. You will work closely with clients to carry out carbon footprint assessments in an accurate and credible way. You will develop and investigate specific insights that will be critical for clients to find ways to reduce their carbon footprints and work towards becoming carbon neutral, and in doing so, you will play a crucial role in helping to tackle one of the biggest problems facing the planet.




  • Are you interest in working a fast-growing start-up where you can implement your ideas instantly? 
  • Do you speak French and English? 
  • Are you result-oriented and do you get tasks done on time? 
  • Are you a young graduate or student in the final stage of their studies? 
  • Are you interested in marketing, design and advertising? 

If you answered yes to all of the above, then this traineeship is for you!




sales lead

The Sales Team is the pillar of Nexio Projects that facilitates the transition from the marketing lead funnel to the operational teams at Nexio Projects. Our sales leads and customer success managers are responsible to generate and follow-up leads built through the Nexio Projects network as well as their own network.   

As a Sales Lead, you will directly report to — and work closely with — the CEO who manages the commercial team and operational teams. You will develop and investigate what the best sales funnels are with regards to your experience and approach client in diverse industries, markets and countries across the globe.

As Nexio Projects is moving from a startup to scaleup phase, the Sales Team is growing and evolving rapidly.  This role will therefore be fast-paced and challenging but will come with a lot of excitement and provide enormous potential for growth and learning.

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