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Empowering Young Change-Makers

By Margherita Merler, Junior Marketer


Younger generations are increasingly drawn to organisations prioritising sustainability in their mission. Their eagerness to align with companies bringing tangible change is reflected in the 2023 Gen Z and Millennial Survey (Deloitte, 2023), which provides the following insights:

  • 55% of respondents express the importance of researching a brand’s environmental impact and policies before committing to a job.
  • 40% indicate they have either already changed jobs or plan to do so, driven by climate concerns.

At Nexio Projects, we actively engage with the academic community and collaborate with purpose-driven individuals who aspire to build careers that make a positive impact. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, we empower students to translate their passion for sustainability into actionable knowledge.

Over the past months, we’ve had the privilege of hosting ‘Materiality & Sustainability Goal Setting’ workshops at:

  • The Kleine Consultants – a non-profit, student-run strategy consultancy in The Netherlands.
  • The University of Utrecht – in collaboration with students from the Business & Social Impact and Sustainable Finance track.
  • The London School of Economics – a hub for world-leading sustainability research, where students are equipped with tailored programmes to tackle future challenges.

While the younger generations are fuelled by a strong desire to drive meaningful change, they also face the pressure of addressing climate anxiety and navigating slow progress in the corporate landscape. This sentiment is echoed by the students we’ve worked with.

In this context, we find inspiration in the perspective shared by our COO & Managing Partner, Felix, who had the privilege of attending the One Young World Summit. This event brings together young leaders dedicated to accelerating social impact.

In the face of the multiple global crises, I was taken aback by the resilience, strength and energy shown by young leaders from around the world. The reality is that younger generations are dealing (and will continue to deal) with the consequences of systemic unsustainability of our production and consumption patterns, growing inequality and climate change. The One Young World Summit gave me strong hope that hundreds of fellow young entrepreneurs, politicians and community leaders are rolling up their sleeves and are working hard to address the root causes of these crises.

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