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Présentation Sustainability Check

Dutch SME’s, be warned: New energy reporting standards. Today we notice that companies are prioritising their sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) journey on the agenda. Companies are searching for a tool that measures their current sustainability performance in order to identify the imperative next steps towards sustainability. They want to know where they stand in the field of sustainability and want to communicate this in a transparent way. An increasing number [...]

Nouvelles normes environnementales 2019

Dutch SME’s, be warned: New energy reporting standards. Many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are obliged to follow the information obligation Energy saving law recently implemented by the Dutch government. The Ministry of Economic Affairs estimates that the energy reporting obligation will affect 110.000 companies from 19 sectors. All companies that consume at least 50.000 kWh, 25.000 sqm natural gas, a combination of both, or use/consume the equivalent of this energy have [...]

Le vrai gaspillage des eaux usées

Imagine money was being deposited and withdrawn from your bank account, but you didn’t know exactly how much. And imagine you knew you had bills coming due, but you didn’t know when or what amount of money would be required to cover them. This threatening situation might not be likely to occur when looking at your own financial situation, but it is the perfect metaphor for the water crisis we face today.  [...]

forum 2019 sur le développement durable en B2B

During the opening remarks, Paul Keser, CFO of Nexio Projects – Sustainability Consultants was excited to announce Nexio’s expansion into the Asian market with offices in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. Samuel Boyd, a Managing Partner of Nexio Asia, attended the event to share his insight and speak with attendees on their processes bring Asian based departments up to speed with CSR. Richard Bourne, the senior representatives of EcoVadis made his [...]

Les opportunités de la pollution plastique

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest global issues to tackle in today’s high consuming and producing world. As the negative environmental and social impacts are increasing, so does the overall awareness of this issue. Plastics can be seen as both a huge challenge and a huge opportunity for a sustainable future. It becomes especially interesting when there are solutions in place that could seize the challenges, and take initiative on the [...]

Conserver les talents grâce au bénévolat d’entreprise

Figure 1: Volunteers picking-up garbage from the beach. Credit to Brian Yurasits 5thof December, the International Volunteering day takes place. According to the European Parliamentary research service, every year between 92 and 94 million adults volunteer within the European Union,which roughly represents 23% of the European population above the age of 15. More specifically, in countries such as Ireland, Denmark and the Netherlands more than one-third of the population has engaged in a volunteering [...]