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A Heated Discussion on Energy Efficiency

Happy New Year! After a tumultuous 2019, spearheaded by Greta Thunberg and a multitude of climate strikes that rose to a global level, sustainability has emerged as one of the most pressing topics for 2020. With international concerns and ocean levels rising, governments are becoming more inclined to take action. While the European Union might have included sustainability and improving energy efficiency on its new year’s resolution list, it remains essential that everyone shifts [...]

Australia’s Bushfires: looking into the environment’s crystal ball?

After weeks of extreme drought and wind, large parts of Australia were hit by bushfires. Just recently it was finely ‘blessed’ with hail, thunderstorms and hundreds of millimetres of rain. However, the threat is not over yet, since these conditions could bring about other risks, such as land erosion and floods. Without even considering the latter, the damage caused by the bushfires is becoming more and more clear; more than 10 million hectares [...]

Circular Economy: where do we stand?

Today, the global economy is only 8.6% circular — just two years ago it was 9.1%. The opening statement of the Circularity Gap Report of 2020 could not be any clearer: with just 8.6% of the world being circular and a negative future trend, it is evident that we currently lack the ability to capture the full potential of this business model. A major opportunity missed, since a circular economy is not only [...]