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4 First Steps Of Building A Sustainability Strategy

Why is it important to build a sustainability strategy? Modern businesses are facing more and larger challenges every day. In the recent events of COVID-19 for example, some business struggled. However, the organisations that proved to be more resilient were sustainable businesses. That's one reason for a strategy to be put in place. But where do you start? How can you take your efforts to the next level? In this blog post, we [...]

Organizational Resilience in the Face of Covid – Part 2

As the world starts returning to some semblance of normalcy with travel restrictions being eased and bars and restaurants opening again in multiple countries, the question on many people’s minds is: What is the new normal? And how will this impact our ability to deal with future crises? As experts in sustainability, we at Nexio Projects strive to passionately shape the future for the better. This is, after all, the purpose of the [...]

Organizational Resilience in the Face of Covid – Part 1

The pandemic has precipitated a widespread reassessment of the way we live and the way organizations operate around the world. From new ways of working to supply chain disruptions, from negative impacts on customer purchasing power to limited mobility of people and goods, the global business community has come to a never-before-seen standstill. Covid-19 has been a painful test for organizational resilience. How should we interpret and address these signs and can the [...]

Environmental sustainability and our individual food choices

On a yearly basis, we as humans consume about 230m tonnes of animals – twice as much as we did barely 30 years ago. As global population is on the rise and estimated to increase to almost 10 billion in 2050, food resources will become scarcer. Thus, to enable food provision within the limitations of our planet’s resources, reconsidering our current food culture and our individual food choices becomes inevitable.   Food production [...]

Testimonial: LC Packaging receives EcoVadis Gold

As an international producer and distributor of flexible packaging solutions with colleagues, customers and production partners all over the world, we feel it is our obligation to strive towards and ensure a sustainable future for all, in every way we can. In our journey, we identified EcoVadis as a leading platform, guideline, motivation and inspiration to challenge ourselves to do better every day.   Be a leader As a company, one of our [...]

Why every company needs a Climate Strategy

Climate change poses an unprecedented threat to businesses globally on several fronts. Many are already factoring in the effects of a warmer climate into their decision-making in an attempt to protect their assets and supply chains, while others, such as oil companies, are having to completely rethink their business models as we shift towards a zero-carbon future. During this transition period companies are faced with a wide range of risks and opportunities and [...]