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Testimonial: LC Packaging receives EcoVadis Gold

As an international producer and distributor of flexible packaging solutions with colleagues, customers and production partners all over the world, we feel it is our obligation to strive towards and ensure a sustainable future for all, in every way we can. In our journey, we identified EcoVadis as a leading platform, guideline, motivation and inspiration to challenge ourselves to do better every day.   Be a leader As a company, one of our [...]

Why every company needs a Climate Strategy

Climate change poses an unprecedented threat to businesses globally on several fronts. Many are already factoring in the effects of a warmer climate into their decision-making in an attempt to protect their assets and supply chains, while others, such as oil companies, are having to completely rethink their business models as we shift towards a zero-carbon future. During this transition period companies are faced with a wide range of risks and opportunities and [...]

Putting CO2 compensation in mOcean

Moceanblue is an ecologically inspired start-up, connecting local conservation initiatives with corporate businesses and brands. Their mission is to involve more people and businesses in conserving nature with a main focus on the ocean. As our world is warming, humanity is faced with the overwhelming task of curbing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Technical innovation is pioneering cleaner methods, but a sustainable alternative for the intervening transition period is to offset carbon emissions through [...]

Earth Day 2020: Climate Action

The theme for the 50th Earth Day 2020, is CLIMATE ACTION. The enormous challenges of acting on climate change has promoted it to the top of the awareness agenda for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. This is crucial as climate change will represent one of the biggest threats to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable. Earth Day is widely recognized as the largest secular observance [...]

How to maintain your work norm in times of the coronavirus

These days, many of were asked to avoid the office and work from home, to amid the further outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). In the Netherlands, as well as in many other countries worldwide, governments have initiated precautionary measures, such as refraining from social contacts wherever possible and working from home, to protect the general health of the public. But more than that, the possibility to work form home offers a great opportunity [...]

Achieving gender parity at work: where to start?

Whilst fostering inclusion in the workplace may seem like a challenging process for some, there is no better day than International Women’s Day to reflect on how best to propel the women’s movement forward. This year, the International Women’s Day community is calling for a gender equal world or, in Twitter speak, #EachforEqual; the notion behind this being that an equal world is an enabled world. It is undeniable that empowering women is [...]