As an international producer and distributor of flexible packaging solutions with colleagues, customers and production partners all over the world, we feel it is our obligation to strive towards and ensure a sustainable future for all, in every way we can. In our journey, we identified EcoVadis as a leading platform, guideline, motivation and inspiration to challenge ourselves to do better every day.


Be a leader

As a company, one of our five-year goals is to become and stay a leader in sustainability within our industry. After being rewarded with a Bronze CSR rating in 2015 and a Silver rating in 2017, our goal for 2019 was to acquire an EcoVadis Gold rating and join the top 5% performers around the globe; Become a leader. On this journey, the Nexio Projects team became our guide and support.


A common goal

To achieve a Gold CSR rating, we needed to make a step towards adulthood. To help us do so, the team at EcoVadis introduced us to one of their preferred suppliers: Nexio Projects. Right away, our goal became their goal. We did not only want to aim for the Gold rating, we wanted to implement a solid structure for the future.


Motivated by complexity

With the help of the extremely dedicated Nexio team we were able to structure all our activities and initiatives. We learned it is all about policies, actions and reporting. It turned out our business is quite complex in terms of sustainability. We do not only have offices in 16 countries, but also production sites in developing countries. Next to that we produce flexible packaging. A product which, after use, often ends up as waste. There was a lot to learn about our operations and the Nexio team has thrown itself into our company with enthusiasm and motivation.


Attention to detail

On each topic the Nexio team has evaluated our documents of proof (around 1,000 files) with admirable attention to detail and without missing a single deadline. They advised us on how to further implement sustainability in our operations and identified opportunities to make an even bigger impact. Afterwards, they helped us submitting the assessment.


EcoVadis Gold!

The result was astonishing: an EcoVadis Gold CSR rating, with a score that makes us part of the top 3% performers. Of course we mainly attribute this score to our company efforts and initiatives, but without the help of Nexio, we would certainly have taken a lot longer to embed sustainability so firmly into our company’s daily operations. We have experienced our cooperation as a valuable learning process. Marc, Margot, Mihir and the others have a lot of knowledge and felt as part of the LC family.

We definitely will keep Nexio Projects close on our sustainability journey as we now aim for a Platinum rating!


Lotte Mastwijk

Sustainability Manager – LC Packaging